Aw shucks…no quilting today

I tried and tried but today being Monday I didn’t get anytime to do any quilting but will make up for it tomorrow. On Mondays I write my weekly column in our local newspaper which takes up my mornings. Then I did a trip to the beauty shop…which does both the soul and the ego good…lol. Next on my list was a doctor appointment.

Since the doctors only took a few minutes my husband and I went out for a lovely lunch then went to 3 different antique shops. I purchased a lovely cake stand in milk white glass. Can’t wait to make a cake for it…smile.

Now off to bed I go, it has been a long day. Although if anyone knows where I can get a pattern for an i pad/i pod cover, please let me know. Life is good.


Soooo much to do

This is a pic of a wall hanging I finished a couple of weeks ago. The maker did superb work with her piecing and hand applique’…my job was easy…quilting it and a joy to quilt it. Today I have been busy finishing up a charming hand pieced quilt. The blocks are all ‘houses’. I enjoy being able to decorate each house with different shingles and so many types of ‘window treatments’…just like my house…lol. This customer is so very talented. I just finished her gold and purple log cabin quilt that I do have to say turned out very well. I did viney leaves in the gold and radiating lines in the purple. The log cabin was set in the Barn Raising fashion. When the pics come back to me I will post them for all to see.

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I go to the beauty shop then I have a doctors appointment and then come home and start on another quilt. I really want to set aside one day a week and just do some piecing…I will see what I can do about that.

My dear friends John and Joann recently updated my website so feel free to pop in and see all the new pics. You can see I have been hard at work…lol.

New pics of quilts

Yep, I did figure it out on how to put some of the quilt pics on the blog. Hope you enjoy. Life is surely good.

A brand New Year with big plans

I started on my friends quilts today. She tells me she has over 20 of them to do…wow. I will work on them for a couple of days then go back to my customer quilts, that gives me a change of pace. I am having an issue with one quilt that I want to put lines in…but it just isn’t working out the way I want it to. So…back to the drawing board…take out the little bit of stitching I have and start from scratch and draw out my lines. I tend to plunge into things and that is not always the best. I am going to try to post some pics this evening…wish me luck, as I as before this is the first time I have done a blog page. Life is good…

Another quilt down and another to go

I just finished the last quilt that I blogged about…it turned out pretty nice. I took some pics so when I have some time I will post the pics. Now I am off to my next quilt which is a really sweet quilt. The client chose a very nice winter theme cheater flannel piece and then she bordered it with prints that go very well with the theme. This quilt has snowmen in different poses and clothes and it is fun to work on. I am outlining the cheater panel sections and stitching in the ditch along the borders and quilting around the various figures. I will also take pics of that when I am done. Life is good.

Adventures of quilting

Hello to all. This is my first time ever writing a blog. So…if I make any mistakes…just bear with me. I thought I would write a blog on my adventures working on client quilts and once in a while I might have one of my own projects into the mix.

All of my clients are such super nice people and I can see the love of the art of making a quilt. But sometimes they will make mistakes or even I will make a mistake in the quilting.

The current quilt I am quilting now is made from Batiks and hand dyed fabrics which can sometimes be a chore to quilt. This quilt I had a very difficult time deciding what to quilt in the blocks. The client made a beautiful butterfly embroidered medalion center…which I echo quilted and it turned out pretty good. The other blocks are flying geese blocks which are nice, but she didn’t set them in a particular design so it was difficult deciding what to quilt in them to make the whole quilt look uniform. I decided to do do a couple chevron lines in each ‘geese’ and then the sides I did a loopy meander. I thought the loopy meander would fit in with the butterfly…’flight of the butterfly’…lol. My biggest problem on this quilt is keeping the tension nice. The whole backing of the quilt is a hand dyed fabric and it is just not doing my thread tension good at all. I then decided to do some nice uniform feathers in an outside border. I will be taking it off the frame in the next hour or so…I hope I don’t have to take out any stitching that isn’t ‘setting’ right because of the tension. Wish me luck. I will take pics of each of my quilts that I blog about and maybe you can help give me some ideas. Don’t forget…Life is good.

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!