I’m Back

Finally after taking some time to structure my life a bit more and to cut out the unnecesary things in my life. I am hoping to have time to share my quilting life with you. We have a produce business in the summer so that means that I cannot do any quilts. But customers still give them to me to be quilted after produce season. Produce season ended on Oct. 25 this year. So that means I had 23 quilts to finish by Christmas time. Wow, was I beat.  But I got them all finished and everyone was happy. Now I can relax a bit.

Currently I have five quilts to do for clients. I am also going to be the featured quilter in our 2013 quilt show, so that means I need to take some time and make some of my own quilts to show in our spring quilt show.

Hopefully I will be able to update everyone reading the blog about how things are going in my quilting world more frequently. When I run across some new projects I will most certainly share those with you also with lots of pics.

I am teaching a quilt class tomorrow and I will take some pics.

Life is good………darlene




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