Fabric from a friend

My friend Jeannette passed away 2 years ago and her friendship and talents have been missed. Her husband wants me to come over today and get the rest of her fabric. She wanted her fabric to go to the quilt club. So I will go get it and divide it in sections for different members of our quilt club.

This will be bitter sweet for all of us. I am currently working on a 9 patch that she had and her son wants me to finish it for her. The 9 patch blocks were from a 9 patch exchange we had in the club. Jeannette liked the traditional quilting styles so I plan to put a Baptist fan in this quilt. I hand quilted a Bow Tie quilt for her several years ago and she favored that quilting pattern…the Baptist Fan. Her son John is anxious for his new quilt made by his mother…how lovely is that?

Jeannettes husband Pete has since remarried and his new wife wants her own space…and rightly so. Thankfully the new wife Joann is a very nice gal…not a quilter, but still a nice gal. Now off to buy some plastic bins to carry all this fabric home in. He told me to bring about 5-6 big bins!


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