Antique quilt

Antique quilt

Lovely Star hand pieced quilt. Circa 1925


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I’m Back

Finally after taking some time to structure my life a bit more and to cut out the unnecesary things in my life. I am hoping to have time to share my quilting life with you. We have a produce business in the summer so that means that I cannot do any quilts. But customers still give them to me to be quilted after produce season. Produce season ended on Oct. 25 this year. So that means I had 23 quilts to finish by Christmas time. Wow, was I beat.  But I got them all finished and everyone was happy. Now I can relax a bit.

Currently I have five quilts to do for clients. I am also going to be the featured quilter in our 2013 quilt show, so that means I need to take some time and make some of my own quilts to show in our spring quilt show.

Hopefully I will be able to update everyone reading the blog about how things are going in my quilting world more frequently. When I run across some new projects I will most certainly share those with you also with lots of pics.

I am teaching a quilt class tomorrow and I will take some pics.

Life is good………darlene


Half Square Triangle ruler

I just purchased this wonderful ruler from Fons and Porter. I think the cost was around $12-$14. And it is worth every penny! I have about 100 2 1/2″ long strips of hand dyed fabrics. I couldn’t find the original pattern I cut these out for…so I put them together, light and dark and cut out hundreds of half square triangle blocks. Super easy, so much better than the old way where you cut the square, drew a line corner to corner, sewed on each side of the line and then cut. I will post the quilt when it is finished.

The quilt

What is the name of this quilt?

What is the name of this quilt?

I just finished this lovely quilt. I love the colors. The customer wanted some movement in the quilting so we decided on the swirly pattern. When I first seen this quilt I thought it was…’Trip around the world’. But my friend who owns a quilt shop says that that is not what it is. Although she doesn’t know either. So she is going to do some research. I know the top was made in the 1950’s. Anyway, I am very pleased with the way it turned out. Now I have to put the binding on and return to the customer.

Quilting and books

I stayed up until 1AM this morning working on a customers quilt and I am sure tired today. I love it when I get a quilt finished and ready for another beauty to work on.
I am currently listening to an audio book on my MP3 play…’To Kill a Mockingbird’…great book. I have watched the move hundreds of times. When I get this quilt off the machine in the next bit…I will take some new pics.

Fabric Galore

As I said in my last post, I went to my friends house and collected the fabric that she had. My friend passed away a couple of years ago and her husband was clearing out my friends sewing room. I am talking several hundred dollars worth of fabric, kits and patterns. All this will be dispersed within our quilt club and some of the fabric will be set aside for our ‘Quilts for Wounded Soldiers’ project. My friend Jeannette would have wanted that.

I have set aside several started projects and plan to finish them and give them to my friends son, his wife and granddaughter. This endeaver has taken all day, but I enjoyed seeing the fabric and fondly remembering my friend Jeannette.

Fabric from a friend

My friend Jeannette passed away 2 years ago and her friendship and talents have been missed. Her husband wants me to come over today and get the rest of her fabric. She wanted her fabric to go to the quilt club. So I will go get it and divide it in sections for different members of our quilt club.

This will be bitter sweet for all of us. I am currently working on a 9 patch that she had and her son wants me to finish it for her. The 9 patch blocks were from a 9 patch exchange we had in the club. Jeannette liked the traditional quilting styles so I plan to put a Baptist fan in this quilt. I hand quilted a Bow Tie quilt for her several years ago and she favored that quilting pattern…the Baptist Fan. Her son John is anxious for his new quilt made by his mother…how lovely is that?

Jeannettes husband Pete has since remarried and his new wife wants her own space…and rightly so. Thankfully the new wife Joann is a very nice gal…not a quilter, but still a nice gal. Now off to buy some plastic bins to carry all this fabric home in. He told me to bring about 5-6 big bins!

Threads all clipped and….

 Somedays things just seem to take forever to do. I did some final stitching on the house quilt…spots I missed then I took it off the machine.  Next I had to put the roast in the oven and wondered why I just didn’t put it in the crock pot this morning????? Then the grandkids got here and I had to take them to town for a library program. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait, their mom had just arrived. So back home I headed but not without stopping off at the store first to get my sherbert. I have been seriously addicted to Cherry Garcia icecream by Ben and Jerry, but my cholesterol is way to high. So, sherbert it is. So then I get home and came to my basement studio and started packing away the house quilt for the customer and realized I didn’t take any pics! So I took it out and will take pics tomorrow. Whew…what a day.

Another quilt done…more in line

I love it…I just finished the house quilt and it turned out pretty good. Now I will load up a lovely brown/gold quilt. I haven’t decided how to quilt it yet…but once I get it out and look at it for a while I will get some inspiration. How do you get your inspiration?